Health and Travel Insurance


Our provincial insurance provides coverage for most health related expenses that may be encountered, but not all. If you are not part of an extended health insurance program through your employer, you may wish to consider purchasing additional health insurance to cover those aspects not covered by the provincial health insurance program.

Purchasing coverage for you and your family while you’re all healthy makes good sense. With selections of health plans and options, you can design the plan that best meets your family’s unique needs. Protect you and your family with health insurance that supplements your provincial plan.

Student and group plans are also available.

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Are you traveling outside of Saskatchewan? You can purchase emergency travel insurance through a health care plan, or purchase a daily travel policy. Coverage options include:

  • Emergency hospital and medical insurance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Baggage loss

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from sudden, unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances. Expenses arising from pre-existing conditions are subject to exclusions and limitations. Medical histories are reviewed in claim situations.

If you experience a medical emergency, you must notify your travel assistant provider prior to treatment if possible, or no later than 24 hrs after receiving medical treatment or being admitted to hospital.

Please visit our office to discuss all your health care needs or visit the following websites for further information.

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